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Business Intelligence

We deliver a complete Business Intelligence platform in a short time for a very competitive fare. This BI platform supports you in all aspects of decision making in these challenging times. Thanks to the tight integration of the Microsoft SQL server platform with our tailor made web portal we are able to develop a full blown BI solution that will deliver the right information on the right time on the right spot and in the right format to your organization.

New Technology

We do use the latest technologies to deliver you rich interactive dashboards and reports. That will allow you to consult a diversity in source data, databases and systems in one browser.


Enable your business users to have always and everywhere online your business data available to report, data-mine and analyze.

Make Business Intelligence available for the whole organization, manage reports and analyses in any format and create powerful visualizations and integrate with Excel, XML, PDF, I-Pad, etc.


our solutions support your organization in all it's aspect. Not just the end-user, the data-analysts but also the IT developer can do his work more efficient.


Because of the operational dashboards, the data mining tools and the strategic reports you've got a big advantage on the competition
30% Productivity increase 17% Less operational costs 10%

The web portal allows your organization's decision makers to have always and everywhere the information available that’s in your data warehouse. In this way information workers are empowered to find the answers to their questions in a safe and easy to use online environment while IT can move its focus to other projects.


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